Recent references


Wind tunnel study on the effect of frost on an airplane wing during take-off rotation.


Laser scanning frost on the airplane wing model in the wind tunnel.


De- and anti-icing fluid behaviour on an airplane wing. Both CFD and wind tunnel testing.

KMA Aviation

Feasibility studies of various airplane concepts and background studies for them.

Bromma Air maintenance

Initial aerodynamic estimation of the effects of a pod on an aircraft body.

Earlier references

Talgo/Tanstech Oy, FAF/Helsinki University of Tech. (aerodynamics & applied thermodynamics), Tekniikan Maailma, Alupro Oy, University of Jyväskylä (Biomechanics), Several Ski Jumping teams, Swiss Alpine Ski team, several national car racing and rally teams, Metropolia Polytech (ex-Stadia), Turku Polytech, TestWorld Oy, Bridgestone, Hankook, NRC Finland, Valtra Tractors, Rollab Sweden/VZLU Czech, Bombardier Recreational Products, Engblom & Co Oy, ...