Wind tunnel

We have over 25 years experience of wind tunnel tests.
Recently we have been the sole operator of the Otaniemi Low Speed Wind TunnelWe also have some experience working with VZLU wind tunnel in Prague and the Volkswagen wind tunnel in Wolfsburg. 

Wind tunnel. The layout of the Otaniemi wind tunnel. The tunnel is of Göttingen-type (closed circuit).
  • circuit length 70 m,
  • contraction ratio 7.4
  • test section 2x2x4 m3 octagonal cross section
  • fan power 250 kW
  • top speed 63 m/s (225 km/h)
  • 6 component balance
Wind tunnel. Wind tunnel measurement concept for an EASA DIFT project in 2013.
Wind tunnel. Isolated ski wind tunnel test for ski jumping analysis for the Biomechanic Department of the University of Jyväskylä.

Wind tunnel. Ski jump training in wind tunnel.
Wind tunnel. Train model with standard rail road bank in wind tunnel with yaw-angle applied (Transtech Oy).
Wind tunnel. Proposed NH-90 helicopter small scale test setup for the FDF in circa 2012.
Wind tunnel. A CRM 2D wind profile model with a cooling system used in a 4-year study on frost, anti- and deicing fluids on the wing during take off rotation. This work was commissioned by FAA, NASA and Traficom. The outcome is reported on several scientific publications and led to the doctoral thesis of Pekka Koivisto.